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  Beginner’s Guides

1.  Want to get a Goldfish? - read a Beginner’s Guide - click HERE

2.  A Guide to Tropical Fish - click HERE  

3.  Nutrition for Fish - a 25 page booklet on the subject

 including valuable feeding advice - click HERE

  Pond Information

4.  How to build a pond on a slope - click HERE

5.  How to repair a leaking pond - click HERE

Aquariums - History & Travel

6.  My personal history of the fishkeeping hobby:

    100 Years of Fishkeeping” - click HERE

7.  Going to Florida?  
     Read this first: ‘Disney for Aquarists’ - click HERE

 Tropical Fish monthly magazine articles:-

8.  Test Kits for freshwater aquaria - click HERE

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9.  Test Kits for marine aquaria - click HERE

10. Aquarium Essentials - Part 1 Old Aquariums - click HERE

11. Aquarium Essentials - Part 2 New Aquariums - click HERE

12. Water for Aquaria - Parts 1, 2 & 3. - click HERE

13. Aquarium Essentials - Airpumps - click HERE

14. Aquarium Essentials - Hydrometers - click HERE

15.  Aquarium Essentials - The Thermometer Story - click HERE

16.  Aquarium Essentials -  The Science of Siphoning - click HERE

 The World’s Largest Aquarium?

18.  The Dubai Aquarium - click HERE

19.  The Atlanta Aquarium - click HERE

17.  Lights and Lighting - click HERE

  Aquatic Services

          by Dr David Ford

 Feeding Aquarium Fishes

 This is my book on how to feed your fish  (copyrights waived by

  kind permission of Ringpress by Interpet).

 There are over 60 pages so allow time to download.

Click HERE

 Maintenance of Aquaria

 This is my book written for Usborne Publishing in their Spotter’s  Guide series.  they have allowed pages 54 and 55 to be  reproduced, which contain useful information on tank stocking and  maintenance; download the PDF to read….

 (Reproduced from Spotter’s Guide to Aquarium Fishes by  permission of Usborne Publishing, 83-85 Saffron Hill, London  EC1N 8RT, UK. Copyright © 1980 Usborne  Publishing Ltd)

 2 Pages in Adobe PDF….Click HERE  

 All the World’s Animals - pet fish section

 A book by Torstar written for the American market - I wrote the  section on pet fish, shown here in 6 pages in PDF….Click HERE

 Aquarium Systems  edited by A.D.Hawkins

 An Academic book for scientific studies with aquarium systems - I  wrote the section on ‘small aquaria’, reproduced here by copyright  permission from Elsevier.  The original book is ISBN 0-12-33380-6 (1981)  

 23 pages in PDF….Click HERE

 This section contains books I have written or contributed a chapter  

 (4 scanned, so far….)

 The WHY? Series

20.  Why Filter? - click HERE

21.  Why Won’t it Go? - click HERE

22.  Why Aerate? - Click HERE

23.  Why Do Remedies Fail? - HERE

24.  Why is my Pond Green? - Click HERE

25.  Why (are Marines different?) - USA version  -  click HERE

26.  Why Marines? - UK version - click HERE

27.  Why Plant?  -  click HERE

  Special Articles

 The first 30 year history of  AQUARIAN - how it  was  invented and  marketed for  aquarists  world-wide.

 Now updated to 40  years!

Click HERE for Computer Version

 Articles are from  maintenance

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Long story! Allow time
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 ..and from research &    development

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 More Special Articles

             The HISTORY of the      

  The 40 years that a mobile stand
  was used to promote the Aquarian
  brand !  Click HERE

      The HISTORY of the

   Advertising from 1970’s,
   1980's and 1990’s.
   Click HERE

  Extras!  Articles ex aquatic magazines - possibly no longer printed

        This was my reply to a query in Aquarist & Pondkeeper back in April 1994.

                    It explains all about Water Hardness terms over the years.

Click HERE for PHONE version 

 Back in 1988 two interesting articles were published by Practical Fishkeeping  magazine - available now for downloading to read as a PDF.  Although very old
 the content is still valid ….

 Pure Gold - the goldfish story, click HERE

 Fish Facts - myths too, click HERE  

 In 2010 the Tropical Fish magazine (no longer printed) published two of my
 articles (June & July) about how to build and run a Fish House - click HERE